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UniConsulting provides advice at every stage, from planning a hotel and catering investment to launching the facility on the market. We cooperate in the preparation of documentation necessary to obtain funds for the planned investment. He helps to go through all its stages, also advises in the areas of brand identity creation, employee recruitment and facility management.

Our strongest points are people, their practical experience, professionalism and enthusiasm. In our activities, we focus primarily on the expectations of our clients. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs, thanks to which we have successfully introduced several hotel facilities in Poland to the market.

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Krzysztof Sampławski
President of UniConsulting

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Our offer

Investment stage:

  • Support at the design and investment stage
  • Choosing a hotel management system
  • Designing and creating organizational structures
  • Introduce organizational procedures
  • Walk you through the categorization process
  • Advising on the start of a new or reorganization
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  • Budgeting for hotel and catering operations

Brand Identity Creation Stage:

  • Brand creation and management
  • Brand communication
  • Loyalty and consumer programs
  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing product planning
  • Advertising and PR campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Designing websites, multimedia presentations, advertising movies
  • Positioning of websites
  • Internet advertising - media buying, advertisements reation

Facility management:

  • The process of building and standardizing the organizational structure
  • Creation of job descriptions
  • Selection of personnel
  • Designing Periodic Assessment Systems
  • Building and managing a training system
  • Training effectiveness measurement tools
  • Research on employee competences (personal and substantive)

Organizational research:

  • Research on the competences of managers
  • Survey of attitudes and moods in the company
  • Research on organizational culture
  • Personnel counseling (Labor Law, modern forms of employment)


Each training we provide is tailored to the needs of a specific organization or team. Therefore, during the development of training programs, during the training and after its completion, we closely cooperate with our clients.

Our training offer fully meets the requirements of the hotel industry, based on the theory and practice of facility management. Among the UniConsuting trainers you will find both the best business trainers and outstanding practitioners in the field of hotel and hotel catering.

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How We Work?


Hourly billing system - the amount of remuneration is determined on the basis of the number of hours worked.


Flat-rate remuneration system - the amount of remuneration is fixed and determined by a monthly rate.


Remuneration system for the service provided - the amount of remuneration is determined once for the service provided.


System with a success fee - in some cases, an element of remuneration may be a bonus for the result of the case.

Our experience

Our experience has helped many investors. The proposed solutions concerned both parts of the project / architecture, functional solutions, organizational structure, marketing strategy /, as well as comprehensive cooperation from a business plan to the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System in the opened hotel and catering facility. The most important project carried out "from idea to facility management" is the Nadmorski Hotel in Gdynia. For many years, the facility has occupied a significant position on the hotel and catering services market in Poland.